Who is SMG?

Hello! I am Elizabeth Stokes, owner of Stokes Media Group. Thank you for visiting my site.

I’ve been right where you are. Confused, uncertain and anxious about how to market my business. Armed with an advertising degree and over 20 years of experience working with over 100 different clients, you could say I am professional marketing strategist, yet I found myself like a hamster on a wheel, trying to figure out how to increase traffic in my brick and mortar locations.

I tried yellow pages, digital billboards, radio, TV commercials, cable commercials, newspaper, magazines, google ad words, Facebook ads, email newsletters; you name it, I've tried it.

I kept asking myself…why can’t I figure out where to spend my money? Again, I have a degree in ADVERTISING! You would think I could do this!

I realized that I was being too personal, too subjective. I was caught up in my own day to day and not really thinking about the process I put my advertising clients through to really get down to the nitty gritty of what works.

GEEZ! How easy was that? I mean it took me almost a year to have it dawn on me that I needed to treat my business like it was not mine. All I had to do was put my ad hat on and get down to it, creating a marketing plan that would work for my business.

Soon after my epiphany I sat down at my desk and began to ask myself questions (Yes, I was talking to myself and answering…don’t judge!) about my business, my marketing goals, my customers, what worked and what didn’t. I analyzed when my conversions were highest and what was the trigger that created those conversions.

This process was, to say the least, enlightening. Finally, it was clear. I figured out my ideal customer, how to reach them creatively, how to find where they were consuming media and what media converted the highest for the money I was spending. The result was a stellar marketing plan that fit my business and my market.

WOW…this was it! I began implementing my plan almost immediately, and my conversions were higher than ever!

I increased my Facebook likes by 550%, my email list grew by over 5 times. I was so excited and felt so accomplished in achieving my goals, that after over 6 years of ownership, I sold my business for many times my startup investment.

I would love to help you do this with your business. Even if you don’t want to sell, don’t you want to get out of confusion, uncertainty, and anxiousness about your marketing? I know I can help you get clear on a marketing plan with stunning results for your business!

Call me today! I would love to hear all about your business and how I can help you achieve your goals!

Or take a look at the course section of my site: Unlock Your Marketing Genius for a do it yourself course on how to build a marketing plan and funnel online.

Thank you for visiting my site today.


Elizabeth Stokes