Marketing Plans

Whether you have a business plan in place or not, a marketing plan is crucial to any business. SMG will consult with you to build a marketing plan that will bring your business to rockstar status, resulting in the return on investment you imagine for your business.

Media Analysis

We analyze your media strategies for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to ensure you are on the right path. With just a few questions about your business, we can analyze your advertising to either validate or redirect your plans.

Media Strategy and Setting Objectives

Creating a strategic media plan by utilizing specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-based objectives is the formula for high return on investment.

Media Planning and Buying

Media planning is determining the optimal media mix to achieve your marketing objectives. By creating your ideal customer profile, defining how they consume media, understanding your competitive environment, determining your budget, deciding how you will spend your budget and laying out the plan, per your calendar, you will become clear on how you can achieve the objectives of your marketing plan.

The hard part is done, now for the fun; Let’s buy what’s on that plan by negotiating the best rates, cut through the white noise by grabbing your customer quickly and being careful to measure ROI.

Social Media Analysis & Consulting

Small businesses typically need the most help with understanding local advertising, especially social media. SMG will help demystify social media, teaching you best practices and best ROI based on your business. We start with a thorough understanding of your presence online. Again, just a few questions will help us better understand where you are and where you are going.

Social Media & Digital Buying

So, you think buying online is a silver bullet? Think again! Just as there is strategic planning involved with traditional media, social media and digital advertising such as retargeting are equally strategic. Preparation equals success online. Delving deep into the target market, geographical area, subtle nuances of your region and product are crucial to understand and get right.  The good news is, local advertising online is not very expensive, so testing becomes a viable option for different creative and target markets.  At SMG, we will step you through these mysteries.

To determine if your ads are working online we have a dashboard that will monitor all your social media activity and will tell us what is working and what is not working. This enables us to warp-speed adjustments to ensure the greatest return.


Introduction to Social Media Advertising:

$350 per month, per business/location

  • Minimum 3-month commitment
  • Onboarding Session
  • 1 hour per month business consultation
  • Marketing Builder Course
  • 1 Facebook Ad Campaign
  • 2 ad sets (2 audiences)
  • 3 ad creations
  • Monitoring of your FB dashboard, reports
  • 2-3 ad adjustments
  • ADD-ON: $200 per month
    • Marketing Funnel Builder
    • Onboarding Session
      • Lead pages
      • Email Platform
      • Email Structure
      • Email Automation
      • Customer Follow-up

The client is responsible for their own daily posts and relevancy scores, social media ad costs, pay per click costs or any outside costs. The retainer is for time only.

SMG has stellar Graphic Design, Website Analysis, Website Development staff to create branding concepts as well as optimizing and monetizing your website. We also build websites if needed.


Graphic Designer: $85 per hour

Website Analysis: $750

Social Media Analysis: $750

Website Development: Rates Quoted Based on Scope of Work